The Pincinox brand of clothes pegs is made to the highest specifications in France by a Family Owned company.Pincinox pegs are guaranteed for life against rust and have been designed simply and elegantly ensuring many years of trouble free service.

Pincinox pegs have many advantages:

  •   Very strong grip
  •    Hi quality industrial grade stainless steel, guaranteed against rust for life
  •      Fantastic for kitchen use (no issue with oven or freezer use)
  •     The Pincinox brand has been manufactured for over 40 years with not a single pegreturned
  •      Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  •      Backed by a 12 month money back guarantee
  •      Environmentally friendly as you do not need to constantly replace them as you do with plastic and wooden pegs
  •      No issues with mould as wooden pegs have
  •      They will not break or split as plastic pegs do
  •    Built and designed tough to survive Australian conditions

Please be cautious of inferior copies when you buy the Pincinox brand of clothes pegsas you really are making a purchase for life and other brands have been determined to have less life span.